How to sleep in the heat this summer

How to sleep in the heat this summer - try these natural remedies for keeping cool to reduce body temperature and decrease heat

How to sleep in the heat this summer

When the weather gets a little too hot to handle, getting a good nights sleep can seem impossible. 

Last year, the UK saw record temps of up to 40C, and this summer is set to be no different. So, with heatwaves predicted over the coming months, weve put together some top tips on how to sleep in the heat, including natural remedies for keeping cool.

Pimp your fan

Fans are great, but when the surrounding environment is really hot it can just feel like someone is blowing warm air onto you! A great trick is to drape a frozen (or very cold) tea towel over the fan so youve got an icy blast cominatcha! Alternatively, you can place a tray of ice directly in front of the fan.

Keep a cool spritz handy

Get yourself a spray bottle, fill it with water, freeze it, then when its time for bed pop it on your bedside table. When you wake in the night needing an urgent cool-down, give yourself a spritz.

Take melatonin-supporting supplements 

One of the reasons its so challenging to sleep when its hot is that the body is supposed to drop in core temperature before we settle down for the night, which is part of when induces a rise in sleep-promoting melatonin. In the UK you can only get actual melatonin on prescription, but there are other supplements you can take that support the production of melatonin, which make great natural remedies for keeping cool.

Taking a regular dose of CBD oil, and keeping a Lady A CBD vape pen on your bedside table for a quick night-time top-up, may help with this. Although CBD doesnt directly create or mimic melatonin, it does activate a release of serotonin, which is a precursor of melatonin (ie. Its essential for creating melatonin).

Switch up your bedding

Ever find that youre way too hot under a duvet but too exposed with a sheet or nothing at all? The answer to this is to invest in a cover made out of a thermoregulating fabric, like silk or bamboo. 

Unlike feather-down duvets or synthetic alternatives, which trap the heat from your body and are not very breathable, thermoregulating fibres help to keep your body temperature balanced with a steady flow of air and heat. Furthermore, silk and bamboo absorb and emit moisture (sweat!) faster than any other fibre - this is also great news for anyone struggling with night sweats.

Use a hot water bottle

Now, hear us out…this might sound nuts but were not suggesting you snuggle up with a hot hot water - fill it with ice-cold water instead! This is a nifty trick for keeping your bed and body cool when temperatures soar this summer.

Keep your cool

Feeling stressed can increase your body temperature, which is the last thing you want in the height of summer. This occurs when cortisol and adrenaline are released and blood circulation picks up, which can leave you pretty hot and bothered. 

So with this in mind, to keep cool, keep your cool! Stress relief is one of the top reasons millions of people all over the world reach for CBD, so this along with mindful exercises, like breath work or meditation, can help you stay calm and decrease the heat.

Avoid cold showers

Again, this may seem counterintuitive but experts say having a cold shower will actually increase your body temperature when you get out, not cool you down before bed. Instead, have a lukewarm shower which will feel refreshing but not shock your body into heating up.

Chill your pillow

Everyone loves the feeling of a freshly flipped pillow, so just imagine how great it would feel to have one straight out of the fridge! If you get yourself a mini fridge next to your bed, you could even pop a spare pillowcase in there and change them in the middle of the night.

Try Ayurvedic wisdom

Ayurvedic medicine upholds the power of cannabis, so were fans! But what does Ayurvedic wisdom tell us about better ways to sleep in the heat? A lot of Ayurvedic medicine is based around the heat within the body (which, admittedly, doesnt always mean actual body temperature). And the foods suggested by this ancient system for taking heat down a notch actually match up with what weve learned through contemporary science. 

This includes avoiding fried, spicy foods and sugar and instead eating a diet rich in green vegetables and high water content foods like watermelon and cucumber. Basil seeds steeped in water and then added to milk with rosewater is a remedy also suggested for reducing body heat.

Handy herbs to help you sleep in the heat

Several herbs, roots, and flowers have been used in folklore medicine as natural remedies for keeping cool, and some of them are known for being great sleep aids too! Lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and spearmint are prime examples that fall into the refrigerantcategory of herbs, as well as the sleep category. Try them as tea before you head to bed. You could even steep some through the day and cool it as your drink for the night as well. You’ll also find chamomile and mint infused in our Lady A CBD oil for Sleep.

Want to add some great CBD oil to your natural arsenal for getting better sleep in the heat? Head over to the Lady A product page.