To get the most out of something, it helps if you understand what it is and how it can work for you. So we’ve written this short, simple guide so that you can enjoy our products, informed and worry free.

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural botanical concentrate found in compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the stalk, leaves and flowers of the hemp/cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are known to help promote wellness, balance and a sense of calm in our body’s own natural endocannabinoid system – the system that helps to regulate things like our appetite, sleep and immune system. Cannabinoids are non-psychoactive so you don’t get the psychoactive high that you do from THC (which is the stuff that gets you stoned). With CBD, you get all the healing, soothing mental and physical benefits minus any intoxication or unpleasant, unwanted side effects. 

Why hemp and not cannabis?
Used medicinally for centuries, hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant with very low levels of THC. Our hemp oil contains no THC.  

What do the different strengths mean? 
Our products come in three different concentrations: 750mg CBD, 1500mg CBD and 2250mg CBD. The higher the concentration, the more potent the levels of CBD. This also accounts for the difference in price (stronger = more expensive). If you’re new to CBD, we recommend you start with the lower concentration  and see how your body responds.

Why should I use CBD?
CBD is a great way of getting back to nature and the natural compounds we lack in daily life, restoring balance and our general sense of wellbeing. Used holistically, CBD is known to alleviate stress, sleepless nights and have an overall positive effect on your mood and general wellbeing. Calming, soothing and mood boosting, CBD helps relax body and mind – whether that’s unwinding after a stressful day, rejuvenating your energy when you’re flagging or helping you to focus on whatever it is you have to tackle next.

Where do you get your CBD oil from?
Our oils are extracted in America, under Federal Government Approval. All our products are High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) tested and ready to use.  The quality and content of our CBD goes through a strict validation process by HPLC and convergence chromatography which  allows us to ensure the precise chemical make up of our oils. So you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best.