It started with HELLO! Claire’s Story

For most, 20 years of searching without finding a suitable remedy to chronic pain, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d never find the answer. Fortunately Claire Holland, who suffers with severe back spasms and ever-present back aches, never lost hope of finding the ailment to ease her suffering. Forever restricted by the confines of ‘traditional’ medicine and treatment, though there was some respite from the pain relief subscribed by Claire’s local pain management clinic in rural north-east England, ultimately the pain was consuming everyday living - change was necessary.

Typically, Hello magazine is the source of little gossip, and a cheeky getaway from the day-to-day, with a couple of hints and tips along the way. But when Claire stumbled across Lady A whilst having an evening read, as we announced the start of our own journey, something resonated. Naturally there was a slight spark given the options that CBD may provide, but having tried numerous CBD options from high street retailers, nothing had had the desired effect. But rather, an alignment on values and purpose compelled Claire to reach out.

Having called the Lady A team the next day, a call back from Piers, Alexandra’s son, turned out to be the start of a journey. Outlining the key points of pain, and how they impact her life, Claire ran through with Piers in great detail the numerous elements where knock-on effects of the pain were causing major issues. Sleep as an example, is crucial for those who suffer with deep pain, and ensuring a good nights sleep is critical to even a half-decent following day. At the end of the consultation, two products were focused on, and recommended. The Daily Fix capsules, taking each morning to kickstart the day, and the Anytime Tincture providing instant calm and clarity to restore your natural balance throughout the day. Naturally, as with anything, there will be scepticism on how much change is possible, but Claire’s faith in at least trying the products was unwavering.

The change? Remarkable. From relentless daily aches, which only those who have had chronic back issues could ever relate to, not only in the pain, but the suffocation the pain brings to the rest of your life, to a wholly noticeable change within three weeks of taking the products. At the point now where Claire has been afforded peace of mind to address other things in her life, and return to somewhat normality, we’re delighted to hear the genuine positive change these products have brought to Claire’s life. 

But things never come that easy. And at the end of 2019, changes in Claire’s personal life began to lead to sleepless nights once more. Given the importance of sleep generally, and even more so for someone in Claire’s position, losing any sleep was not something that could afforded. Safe in the knowledge that she could call the Lady A team, knowing that even with questions that some may feel silly asking, this was a safe space to enquire, Claire reached out once more and after a short consultation added the Evening tincture to her evening routine. Good night sleep restored.

Adding the Balance Natural vape pen, which gives that instant sense of calm through the day, whenever she needs it most, Claire’s toolkit is complete.



Today, Claire goes to the gym three times a week, with another session of pilates on top, whilst her small holding farm with numerous animals, from horses to chickens has its own physical work, even walking the dogs daily before had been a struggle. And whilst the pain, and spasms will remain an ever present element of her life, they remain just that - an element, and far from the all encompassing swarm over the rest of her life.

In Claire’s own words “these products bring me peace of mind, and arm me with the a toolkit that has the essentials that I need to live my life” forever armed with the Daily Fix capsules, tinctures and vape pen, “they have given me a sense of normality, and a confidence to live my life, happily”. 


In Claire we’ve found someone who started life as a customer, and has evolved into a friend. And that’s how we want anyone who interacts with the Lady A brand to feel. That we are on the same team, and ultimately all trying to achieve one goal - a healthier, and happier life. And that change may start in CBD.

To speak with a member of our team, for a confidential chat on how you feel CBD may support you, please get in touch with a member of our team for a free consultation.