CBD seems to be everywhere right now.
Yet the CBD market is currently unregulated.
Products and new brands of all kinds seem to be appearing every day.
Confusing, cluttered and overwhelming at times,
it’s hard to know where to begin.
There is so much noise out there.
Lady A cuts through all that.

Using premium CBD hemp extract, natural botanical extracts and essential oils, we make beautiful products designed by women, for women to help alleviate the stresses, strains and worries of modern life.

Grown and harvested in Colorado and then made in the UK, we take great care to make sure each of our products tastes incredible and helps to balance and soothe.

Together with our team of scientists, cannabinoid researchers and CBD experts, we’ve created our carefully tailored range to bring the natural goodness of CBD into the everyday lives of women everywhere, in a way that is simple, stylish and effortless.

Who we are
Alexandra Dunhill first came across CBD in 2017 whilst visiting her eldest son in Los Angeles.

Blown away by how different he was after taking CBD products for his anxiety, Alexandra spent the rest of her trip touring the various CBD stores in LA and was amazed to see how many different brands and products there were out there.

Yet none seemed to be aimed at women. Certainly nothing made by women for women.

Upon returning to England, inspired and with a clear mission, she spent the next two years researching into all things CBD, learning about the industry and finding the right team of scientists and experts to help create and develop the perfect products to help women who know what they want in life use the natural healing benefits of CBD in a way that works for them.