Instant Reset


Organic, vegan and gluten free, our vapes are a simple and effective way to add CBD to your daily wellness routine.

Whether you need a pick-me-up, a wind down or a moment of clarity, allow this collection of essential oils and broad spectrum CBD to reset and reframe your body and mind. 

Uplift Natural CBD vape pen

Invigorate your mornings with this blend of sweet citrus with fresh, zesty notes of lemon and lime combine with our bespoke terpene mix for soothing yet rejuvenating effect.


Balance Natural CBD vape pen

Balance, reframe and refocus your mind with a blend of ripe, juicy oranges and our bespoke terpene mix to help to rejuvenate the senses and bring focus to the task at hand.


Unwind Natural CBD vape pen

Relax into the evening with a blend that soothes, relaxes and helps you unwind as delicate strawberry notes blend with our bespoke terpene mix to help ease anxiety and stress and enhance relaxation.


Each product is 200mg. 

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