A bit of stress

There’s a saying when it comes to stress - ‘It’s not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it’. And ultimately how we carry stress can impact each and everyone of us differently. When a bit of stress becomes an on-going, never-ending weight, it turns to something so much more, and ultimately can evolve into chronic stress. 

When we fall into chronic stress, the impacts on us can be devastating. Devastating to our mood, our body and our behaviour. Being stressed can impact our mood from being sad to angry, restless to unmotivated. In turn those moods have a direct impact on our behaviour, leading to abnormalities such as eating less or more, drug or alcohol misuse, skipping exercise, and generally breaking our routines. Beyond those changes though, stress has a direct impact on our body. Frequent headaches, excessive fatigue, difficulty sleeping and digestive troubles are all directly linked to chronic stress.

Fortunately though there are a number of options to help us get through, managing things when it gets just a tad too much. CBD has long been used in the battle against stress and anxiety. It’s interactions with CB1 & CB2 in the central nervous system are believed to positively impact our Serotonin levels, which when low is a leading cause of stress.

CBD based products, such as Lady A’s Daily Fix capsules are a popular option for daily stress management. The greatest advantage we find with stress management through the All Day Capsules is that there’s a slower release than to the tinctures, therefore proving a great choice for people looking to experience a more gradual effect throughout the day. 

There are occasions though when a steady release just won’t suffice. For those occasions, Lady A’s customers turn to our Tinctures, namely the Anytime Tincture, containing a higher concentration of broad spectrum CBD hemp extract, allowing for a stronger dosage and an enhanced, deeply calming effect.

Ultimately, not all stressors are created equally though. On some occasions, we’re having a tough time generally, and the gradual effects of the daily capsules provides a perfect sense of balance through our lives each day. Other times, a shock bit of news, or a heavy day calls for a quicker release, restoring our sense of calm and allowing us to continue with our lives. 

It all falls down to stress management, and how we can stay ahead of it to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our lives, without the pressures of stress crippling us. That’s where a little help comes in, helping us to manage the load, and break the carry...