The right formula

As with anything in life, it can often be seen as the ‘easy’ option to settle for less. More often than not, it’s more readily available, but that availability should never be mistaken for quality. Particularly when we’re making those decisions with things which we’re putting into our body. We wouldn’t drink dirty water, when fresh spring water was available. The same can be said for CBD. Ultimately only the best will do.

When it comes to CBD, there are multiple options available on the market. The two most commonly seen are broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. Broad spectrum is the gold standard, and what we should all be looking for, because fundamentally it preserves the greatest benefits that mother nature provides us with. 

Broad spectrum

Contains the whole plant extract without the 0.2% THC. Broad spectrum CBD oils retain the 400+ phytonutrients of the hemp plant and simply subtract the THC. 

With cannabinoids, plus terpenes, and other elements from the hemp plant, these elements work together to enhance what is known as the entourage effect, helping promote wellness, balance and a sense of calm in our body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolates are as they sound a single molecule oil (CBD only) with none of the 400+ plant nutrients.

The issue with cannabinoids only is that there are no entourage effects that help to amplify the effects, whilst The Academy of Medical Cannabis in the UK suggests these oils are 6-10 times less potent. Less potency therefore means they are less effective and require far higher doses.

When we find CBD isolate in the market, it’s purchased because people believe they are buying the highest concentration for the lowest price. As it relates to the cannabinoids alone, you will find a strong concentration in Isolate, however the benefits stop there. Containing none of the other compounds found in the hemp plant, Isolate fails to allow for the huge benefits found from the other products found in the plant, and naturally, fails therefore to release the all important entourage effect.

At Lady A nothing is more important to us than the product we provide to our customers, and therefore we will never sell a product with any less than the gold standard - broad spectrum CBD. It is the only form of CBD we have ever sold in any of our products, and it’s always going to be that way. Quite simply, you should not settle for less, and we know our products would ultimately be just that - less - if they failed to contain broad spectrum CBD. So from our Uplift vape pen, designed to give you that boost through the day when you need it most, to our everyday healing balm, soothing away your unwanted tensions, its broad spectrum - it’ll forever be that way. Only through the provision of the best, we rest easy, knowing that you will be resting easy, with broad spectrum CBD.