Let CBD take the strain of period pain

Cramps, feeling bloated, and not really yourself? Your period is probably about to start. Billions of people all over the world struggle with symptoms ranging from mildly irritating to seriously debilitating every month, but there are things we can do to help.

CBD is taken by in a variety of ways for lots of different reasons, and many women swear by CBD for helping them through their period every month. Let’s give you a quick rundown of how the Lady A range can help you:



Soothing stress and restoring balance

The arrival of your period, or the week leading up to it, can be an anxious, irritable time. Our CBD Tinctures and Daily Fix Capsules can soothe your stress and calm you throughout the day.



Our Anytime Tincture is a natural blend of broad spectrum CBD hemp extract and hemp seed oil. Use it for instant calm, clarity and to restore your natural balance.



Designed to provide calm and clarity, take a Daily Fix Capsule every day to clear your mind and soothe away stress. Our capsules are absorbed into the body at a slower rate than our tinctures, so they’re ideal for people suffering milder symptoms or looking to experience a more gradual CBD effect.


Targeted relief


If you’re struggling with pain or discomfort in specific areas, you might want to explore these options for targeted relief.



Our Everyday Healing Balm can be used all over to soothe, relax, and restore balance to the body. Use our balm on areas of discomfort every day you experience symptoms, and you can use it alongside our Anytime Tincture for extra combined relief.



Our CBD infused patches give you 24 hours of targeted relief wherever and whenever you need it most. Our easy-to-use patches are a simple way to absorb CBD into the body, and will gradually release 10mg of CBD over the course of a day. Perfect for soothing cramps and making your period feel much more bearable.