Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day coming up soon and reminders all around in stores and social media, our thoughts naturally wander to our own mothers or women who have filled that role for us personally or we have witnessed. 

Celebrations of motherly figures date back to Ancient Greek times as early as 250BC, with the honouring of the mother goddess Rhea, at springtime. Now this celebration of the maternal bond takes place across the world. 

In UK and Ireland, the day became known as Mothering Sunday, strongly linked to the church until the early 1900’s, which this year falls on on Sunday, March 27, 2022. The history behind Mother’s Day in USA is slightly different, originating from a US movement. American social activist, Anna Jarvis, following the death of her mother in 1905, fought for an official holiday to honour sacrifices made by mothers for their children. Her fight and dedication lead to an official day called Mothers Day being established on the second Sunday of May, this year falling on May 9.

Since then, many dedications have been made to Mothers Day, including flowers and gifts for our maternal figures. In the midst of this commercialisation, the heart of the Mother’s Day is not lost.

Across all cultures and languages, a mother or maternal figure is our first teacher and source of love and affection, with endless patience, determination and love. It also takes resilience to walk through life’s challenges.

We at Lady A have been thinking about the strength and resilience of all women taking on the role mother, through birth or circumstance. The flexibility, acceptance of imperfections, positive outlook and growth mentality maternal figures have. A resilient mother realises she needs to grow, evolve and take care of herself, just as she teaches her children to.

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