Best CBD oil for Energy

15 best CBD oils to help boost your mood, add relaxation and manage symptoms

The Independent tested well over 100 products over the course of a year, on 10 people with varying conditions and symptoms, including menopausal symptoms, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, arthritis and chronic fatigue.

We are proud to announce that our Morning Tincture was selected for the Best CBD Oil in 2022 for Energy.

"Did you know that CBD oil can help promote higher energy levels, as well as relax you? One study in fact dubbed it a “wake-promoting agent”, making it potentially very useful for people who are after a pick-me-up. This sweet, citrusy blend looks, feels and tastes like a luxury option. But it has also been chosen by the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society as a product it suggests prescribing doctors should recommend as an over the counter alternative to a cannabis (or cannabinoid) prescription. Our testers found the oil helped them wake up and stay focused throughout the day, with one even finding they could forgo their morning coffee after using the oil capsules."

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