Best CBD Skincare Products

14 best CBD skincare products to have on your radar, from face creams to serums and balms

According to the British Skin Foundation, around 60 per cent of people in the UK currently have or have had a skin condition, and 70 per cent of those say this affects their confidence.

While most skin conditions, from acne to eczema, are usually best treated from within, having skincare to help heal, soothe and strengthen along the way can also be beneficial. And, even without a skin condition, a little self care never goes amiss.

CBD skincare is something we’ve seen saturating the beauty market for a few years now and, although not all are made equal, studies have shown that the CBD molecule (and other components in whole hemp plants, such as hemp seed oil) can have a dramatic impact on the health and appearance of your skin.

Preliminary research suggests that topical use of CBD may hold potential for treating acne, and atopic dermatitis, keratin diseases, eczema and more. This is supposedly achieved through the normalising of excessive sebum production, assisting with the turn-over of new skin cells and reducing the effects of free-radical damage.

CBD is also well-documented as having potent anti-inflammatory properties, which is good news for inflamed skin or painful spots. With prolonged use, studies have shown the effects go deeper: working with cells throughout all layers of the skin to regulate sebum production, reduce inflammation and produce anti-oxidant effects.

We are proud to announce that our CBD Body & Massage Oil was selected for the Best CBD Body Oil in 2023.

"Our testers found this oil to be luxurious and effective as a body oil, bath oil and as a therapeutic massage oil. Everyone loved the delicate lavender fragrance, especially when applied as part of a bedtime routine. And the hefty 1,000mg CBD helped to ease muscle aches and pains too. Unlike other oils which have a tendency to sit on the skin, this one absorbed beautifully leaving us feeling deeply moisturised."

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